Storytelling Through Documentary Photography

Through visual art we humans connect and understand the world. Telling stories through images, illustrations, or videos is a powerful storytelling technique. It is a method that transcends cultural and language barriers, and that school staff can share quickly and easily. Yet, to be a compelling storyteller a photographer must do more than simply observe and shoot. Before pressing the shutter button, the artist needs to make multiple decisions. 

Determine the story plot and know the specific goal of the image. Introduce the setting, using wide-angle shots and including unique details to lend context. Profile the characters through portraits; this need not be formal or posed. Move around and use multiple viewpoints. Photograph from above, from below, standing back, and up close. The more angles from which you photograph your story, the more compelling you can make your final product. 

Quality school photography is walking the line between fine art and photojournalism. 

Quality photography opens up many opportunities in terms of Marketing and Public Relations. Investing in a professional school photographer guarantees quality and impactful shots reflecting your school's vision and values. As an experienced professional school photographer, who understands the perspective, outcome and goals desired, I create images that tell the story and add depth and value to your visual portfolios.

Why are photographs so important?

They have the power to narrate a story and it is this story that helps in building customer engagement.

Focal Points


images to enhance your brand identity

and raise the perception of quality

to attract new families

There is no better way to capture the pulse of daily life at a school than documenting its daily activities through crisp, vibrant, bright and colourful photography.

As a visual storyteller with a keen eye and artistic approach, I create an extensive and versatile portfolio of images that the Advancement Department can use across various media, from keeping your website content fresh to email newsletters, printed adverts, social media and yearbooks.

Well-executed photographs add warmth and understanding and assist in the value associated with the overall strategic goal of your campaigns.

Public Relations

images to create a positive image

and built positive relationships

with the school's various stakeholders

Good public relations photography reinforces your Public Relations strategies and techniques 

in building credibility and strengthening your connection with teaching and non-teaching staff members. 

The use of photographs for an article or press release will increase your name recognition and create a positive impact when sharing timely and newsworthy information.

Photography with a news angle enhances your press coverage in newspapers, magazines and social media online.


images to connect and empower

community relationships,

promote motivation and learning

In addition to solid training and experience in school photography, I add an extra valuable dimension to the images I offer. I photograph not only from the perspective of an advancement staff member but also through the eyes of a parent as I lived through two International IB Schools as the mother of a boy and a girl.

I understand firsthand the Advancement Department's needs and the parent's need to feel connected to the community where they assist their children in growing academically and enhancing and cultivating their personalities.

Seeing your children's daily activities interacting with teachers and fellow students make also great conversation topics in and out of their homes. Images pull all strings together, empowering community relationships.